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Bounding to 250

Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Parkrun and Bounder Milestones coinside.

Earlier this month Bushy Park welcomed nearly 1500 runners to celebrate 13 years of Parkrun at Bushy. Quite an astounding Feat. On this very same day another astounding Miletone was achieved when fellow Bounder Bill Woods notched up his 250th Parkrun.

Even more impressive because he only started running Parkrun in 2012, that's 5 years after me and I'm nowhere near it.

Last Month saw Bushy Park welcome nearly 1500 runners to celebrate the 13th Anniversary of Parkrun.

Their magnificent acheivement coincided with fellow Bounder Bill Woods' own milestone of his 250th Parkrun.

Considering Bill only started doing Parkrun in 2012, it really is a truly remarkable feat!

I started Parkrun 5 years earlier and still haven't got to 100 yet!

About 2 weeks out from the big day Bill quietly enquired if anyone would like to join him on his 250th run. It was decided by a few of us that we would definately make an effort to mark this fantastic achievement, But probably not how he expected .

"He'll never wear that!”

Originally Andy thought that running with balloons with '250' on would be a good idea but on discovering that only 3 foot high balloons were available he thought better of it.

(a wise decision considering the amount of runners and blustery conditions).

On the evening before I fashioned a very sporting sign attached to a hi-vis vest for him to wear.

My son was very sceptical however and announced to me that 'he'll never wear that!',

Bill very sportingly wore his 250 Bib and was never so popular as he was congratulated many times by members of the Parkrun community during the morning.

I know Bill enjoyed his milestone Parkrun and I think I can speak for Clive, Andy and Barney in saying it was probably one of the most enjoyable Parkruns for us too.

The four abreast Bounder Finish a particular highlight!

Well Done Bill - Bound On!

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